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{ Plastic Tree Icontest }

{ Plastic Tree Icontest }
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The Plastic Tree Icontest

Welcome to the Plastic Tree Icontest Community - the icon challenge for Jrock group Plastic Tree! Every Monday a new icon challenge is posted. You have until following Sunday night to complete the challenge. The new challenge will start again on Monday and voting for the previous challenge will continue until Friday night. Winner will be announced on the following Saturday and so the cycle continues =)

This Icontest is open to everyone, but you must be a member to vote and submit icons. All icon makers are welcome =3


1. Each member can submit up to 2 icons per challenge.
2. You cannot vote for yourself and you cannot coerce others into voting for you.
3. The icon must meet Livejournal standards - maximum 100 x 100 and 40 kb or less.
4. You must make the icon, you cannot submit in someone else's work. If you're caught submitting someone else's work, I will ban you from the community.
5. Make each icon "fresh" therefore do not submit in an icon you have already made.
6. Do not display your icon on Livejournal during the challenge. Nobody can see the icon until voting begins.
7. Don't host your icons on Livejournal, please use a reliable image hosting site.
8. Meet the deadlines, otherwise no show.

Voting and Submitting

To submit an icon:


The picture and url are needed!

Voting has 3 categories. Potential winners can get 1st place, 2nd place, Special Category and Mod's Choice.
When you vote, please vote in this format:

First Place = #
Second Place = #
Special Category = #


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Founder & Mod: fire_spin168
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